Saturday, April 08, 2006

Box One

Box One
As a ward of the state of Michigan my first five years of life were fraught with survival issues. Through abuse and neglect I came to know my first years in the world. This box tells of these years. The antique fabric which makes up this dolls dress has the words "I want my mommy" written repeatedly upon it. This is the primal wound spoken aloud. This is the deepest pain come forth. The calling to the mother who abandoned her child.

Archetype: Orphan
This is a fairly common character in fairytales. Often orphans develop a sense of independence early on in life. Those who survive are often celebrated for having won a battle with dark forces; forces that represent the fear of surviving alone in the world or being abandoned. The Child Orphan knows deep down that healing the wounds from the past requires evaluating childhood memories (Myss, 2001).


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