Saturday, April 08, 2006

Box Three

Box Three
When I was 22 I married a widower with three children. I fell in love with all of them and thus began my journey as a stepmother and ultimately the path that lead to my birth mother. Dealing with mother issues as both a daughter and mother have been my most deeply felt challenges.

Archetype: Mother
Connections to the Mother Archetype are not to be measured only by whether or not a woman is the biological mother. The Mother Archetype is seen to be the protector and keeper of life; from children to the earth herself. The mother is the life giver and the nurturer. The Mother Archetype is not absent her shadows and some women have to face the fact that her children see through the shadow aspects of the Mother Archetype. The struggle of accepting the humanness in motherhood and letting go of wanting to always be perfect mother is most challenging. The true grace in motherhood is the embracing of both the good and the bad mother in each of us and ultimately teaching ourselves and those we love to accept themselves in all of their wonderfully flawed beauty (Myss, 2001).


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