Saturday, April 08, 2006

Box Six

Box Six
This is a box of my family. We create a circle through clasped hearts, hands, and intertwined DNA. Finally at the age of 46 I am wholeheartedly embracing my family. This includes my biological family, adopted family, stepfamily, and my circle of friends who I proudly call sisters and brothers. I am indeed one of the chain links in my family line that is at once electric and at the same time perfectly blended into human beings who claim connection to each other.

Archetype: The Warrior
The Warrior Archetype is connected to the female psyche. The Warrior Achetype represents those who have been defenders of their families through the liberation, loyalty, and protection of family. The Warrior Archetype has the ability to fight for one’s rights and has great strength to endure and to face obstacles (Myss, 2001).


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