Saturday, April 08, 2006

Box Four

Box Four
In 1982 I began searching for my biological family. I found my sister and maternal grandfather in 1987 and my birth parents in 1991. I was first to be separated from my parents, then my sister, and then my brother. My brother and I would eventually be reunited and adopted together. After 27 years of separation from my original family and roots I began the process of complete reclamation of self. During the search process I would come to search through court records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other documents in order to find any tidbit of information that would lead me to the next step closer to my original birth family. Many of the tasks on this journey were illegal. I was not daunted by the law and continued my search regardless. I refused to be denied my right to know my heritage and my roots. These are my birthright.

Archetype: Pioneer
The Pioneer Archetype describes the individual who is "called to discover and explore new lands" (Myss, 2001). The Pioneer initiates new ideas in all kinds of areas. They have a passion for doing and creating what hasn’t been done in the past.


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