Saturday, April 08, 2006

Box Five

___Box Five

The work place is where I have learned about my abilities as a doer in the world. Some of the professional hats I have worn are that of the teacher, costume designer, director, actor, artist, program developer, and program director. The work place is where I have taken risks and stood up for and tested my deepest beliefs. It is also where I have found the reflection of my adult self in the world, complete with sunlight and shadow.

Archetype: The Artist
The Artist Archetype is animated by passion and the energy needed to express and manifest this passion into physical form. The signature of the Artist Archetype is not measured by what an individual does, but how intense the motivation is in the manifesting of the extraordinary. The Artist Archetype is motivated by the need to express one’s self so much so that one’s well being is wrapped up in this energy (Myss, 2001).


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